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Originally Posted by Armagdn03 View Post
Hello friends,

In reply to the quote above, square gives undertones, sine gives pure tones. What I did was with square wave, but would have worked with sine as well. I suggest building it (its rather simple) and just sitting and playing with it. Forget OU, forget anything preconceived. Just poke it, and see what it does. Try different ideas, the goal here is to first understand what you are working with, then with your knowledge build machines where you KNOW how they will work before you build. I have learned more from super simple tests, than from any book.

Another thing... The number one factor to worry about here is the time constant of the inductor, do not go over 5 times this value or your circuit will not function well.
Well said, but...

Unless you are holding back on results I can state that after 15 hours of calorimetry testing, it is not there. Yes the basic circuit is nice, yet one can via good design of a straight resistor obtain better efficiency.

Guess I am really missing something in this one?