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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
I'm not saying the Kromrey is like the maglev, just pointing
out that after you take power away from parallel coils, you really have
coils that you short into each other. What does this do and what
is your benefit?
Please enlighten us....

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Again, I apologize for going slightly off topic but I just hope everyone
really takes a look at this concept deeply. What is the nature of coils
that are in parallel, you charge them and then you take away the power.
Again please enlighten us.....

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Do you want a spike back or do you want an a magnetic field that
lasts longer than it is "supposed" to.

Speaking for myself, I would love to have both, however, if I had to choose between the two, I would have to go with the magnetic field which lasts longer than its "supposed" to, as we have a really good proven method for harvesting the spikes. That being said,

please enlighten us...

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