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I'm still working on building my stationary coil G-field and I expect to see much the same effects as John Bedini showed on the EFTV #10. Assuming that the testimony contained in that DVD is true and accurate (and while I have no reason not to accept it, nothing beats proving it for yourself ) then this method of generating electricity is really quite extraordinary. And the astonishing thing is that it's a purely mechanical method. Maybe not so astonishing, as normal electricity generation is too.

What's also surprising is the amazing simplicity of this method--I can't count how many times I looked at John's drawings of the G-field on his old website and passed it by as something uninteresting! There is obviously something here (again, assuming the testimony to be true ) that is worthy of deeper study.

OK Aaron, it seems that the cat is now out of the bag and getting ready to have kittens. I think you can say what you want to say now.
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