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Hi all,

in some of the former postings some of you have spoken form Viktor Schauberger.

1. Schauberger used devices with hyperbolic shape. There's a store in Switzerland where you can by this units. WYTOR Schauberger-Trichter, Hyperbel, Wasseraufbereitung, Wendelrohre.

2. @Inquorate and Ted
is it possible that you want to reinvent the Segnersche water wheel?
Segner-wheel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

3. I am no Schauberger expert. But this makes me thinking: Why does Schauberger called one of his devices Repulsine (re-pulsate/pulse). I think he called it Replusine because the fluid which eject from the unit push against a rim. 't the = re-pulsate
(see attached file)

best wishes
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