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Originally Posted by Inquorate View Post
@ Ted - wouldn't the water in this setup exit at the same speed as in yours?

water+exit+speed.jpg (image)

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I don't think it's so much the exit speed of the water as it is extracting the kinetic energy. My intent is to wring every last bit of energy out of the stream and convert it into torque. Going through 180 degrees takes twice as long as 90 degrees, thereby converting just that much more energy.
Plus, if your nozzle is facing straight out, you can't take advantage of the summing of velocities (rotational velocity + nozzle velocity).
To answer your question about the source of my motor: I scrounged it. It came from a 12 volt air compressor we use on some of our trucks at work. I like DC motors because I can easily change the direction of rotation, and they have good low speed torque. 1/3 hp is a little on the edge though. 1/2 or 3/4 hp might work a little better. The junkyard is our dear friend.


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