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Hi Timm,

I have used 0.28mm wire for each of my coils. I haven't twisted them or done anything special. Each coil is a seperate trifilar setup with the wires joined at each end to form a parallel setup. Each coil is then connected to the next coil in a series setup. It is important that all the coils are wound in the same way, ie clockwise or cclockwise. Coils # 3 and 4 are then simply rotated upsidedown. Each coil has approximately 800 turns. The total resistance when they are all connected in series is 17.5 ohms

I've attached a pic to make it clearer.

As far as my mechanical problems go, I have ordered all the new parts and am now just waiting impatiently The stuff should arrive soon enough though.


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You can view my vids here

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