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Originally Posted by dambit View Post
Hi All,

Ok... First things first. The converter works.

The reason you are reading this and not seeing a video is because after 2 min of running the machine, another coil unspooled itself.

This is the only remaining design problem I am having, so I will bite the bullet and redesign the coil spools so that they can have an aluminium cover slide over the outside of them. This way I figure they will hold up and look a bit better too. For the short term I will simply cover the coils in heat shrink.

Before the coil shat itself, I did manage to get a couple of readings. Just by spinning the shaft with my fingers I can get upto 5V on the output. While the drive motor was running the meter registered 25V on the output. I had just hooked up a battery to charge and saw that it was indeed charging when the coil went.


Hi Steve,

Just found this group, thanks for starting it !!
I too have started a Kromrey replication based on EFV10. I've looked for others to collaborate with on some of the Bedini groups but haven't found anyone working in this area.

I guess I was thinking the mechanical portion wouldn't be that difficult and the experiments would be the windings. Until I read your posts.... sorry for the set backs...

Can you review your windings with us.... I understand you went for the trifilar approach ? Three independent circuits of two coils on each armature with a single wire between the two armatures ? Did you measure the resistance or inductance ? If you have success, I confirm with mine. If not, I'll try another approach and share the results.

It would be nice if Peter L. could share some advise on the approach to the windings. I'm still uncertain (I'm not an EE guy) on what variables affect impedance. Should I twist the trifilar before winding ? Normal three wires side by side, some sort of layer approach to reduce the inductance ?


Timm Richardson
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