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Originally Posted by sucahyo View Post
@Ted Ewert, thanks for the answer, just notice it . I also found that water exit slower when there is vortex. I found a cone funnel made less vortex instead of hyperbolic or half round funnel.

The green one in this picture create vortex easier but with slower water drop, although in this configuration green one drain faster because I add fin in the copper pipe which suck the water and air to the bottom. The red one do not have fin in the copper pipe so air would not get sucked.

The red one has smooth angle transition (tangen shape) from top to bottom, the green one has sharp angle at the middle.

Good luck .
Although a vortex will not exit a nozzle faster than a straight flow, it will allow a flow through a pipe with much less resistance (turbulence) than a non rotating flow.
All forms of rotating mass have very interesting properties. Bruce DePalma has written some really good stuff about this.

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