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Hi Ted.

I have been working with a machinist in my local area and he told me about a water turbine he worked on a few years ago. I have found him to be an honest guy, so I dont doubt his retelling.

He was using a bench grinder to get it up to speed and with some adjustment to the water pressure he says that he was able to tune it to the point where it took off, accelerating past the running speed of the AC motor driving it. Unfortunately it came apart shortly after. It was made of a number of acrylic discs with slots cut into it in a vortex style pattern. These were glued together, and this is where it failed, the laminations coming apart at high speed and high pressure. He showed me some of the leftovers, he said the size of the slots in the turbine was very important. Talked about water hammer some...

He had a friend who tried to rebuild it, but he changed the slot size and he built only half of it, despite being told that there were two parts, Compression and Expansion. Needless to say, it didnt work as intended.

I will try to get some pictures of it next time we meet up if you are interested. Its quite different to your design, but perhaps it ties in or gives you some ideas.

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