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Water Turbine Project

In the continuing exploration of centrifugal force, Iíve built a water turbine that takes advantage of this phenomenon as its primary source of power.
Its design is based on the works of Victor Schauberger and Allan Cresswell. Iíve built a number of previous turbines, but for various mechanical reasons I couldnít get them working satisfactorily. I have hopefully worked out some of those issues enough to get a working unit.
This is a picture of the machine I put together. The container is a cut down 55 gallon drum. The turbine is powered from a 1/3 hp 12 VDC motor. I have an amp meter in series with the DC feed to monitor power drain.

Here is a picture of the turbine. Itís made from 2Ē PVC pipe. The water is drawn in through holes in the bottom and up and out through the arms. The check valve prevents water from flowing out when it is being filled (primed) prior to starting. Once the turbine is spinning, it is self priming and will automatically pump water out the nozzles.

Here is how the turbine sits in the drum.

The theory behind this turbine is to turn a column of water, through centrifugal force, into kinetic energy. This is done by rotating the turbine at a high speed to build up pressure at the ends of the arms. This pressure is then converted into velocity by forcing the water out through small jets in the direction of rotation. The angular velocity of the arms and the velocity of the jet add in the same direction.
Once the velocity of the water is achieved, it is converted into forward torque by deflecting it through a 180 degree tube.
The next step is to get the turbine into resonance. This is when a pressure wave is created that bounces back and forth through the arm, creating large pressure pulses at the nozzle. This will significantly increase the velocity of the water exiting the nozzle. When velocity is doubled, kinetic energy is quadrupled, which translates directly into forward torque.
This is the part Iím still working on. Schauberger used serrations on the perimeter of his containment vessel to accomplish resonance. Cresswell claims that his unit would automatically go into resonance. Iím starting with the Cresswell method since itís the simplest. I have some ideas that I will try if it doesnít work.
Iím going to fill it with water today and see what happens. This is definitely a work in progress so Iíll post results as I go.



If the pictures don't show up in this post for some reason, I have an album going of turbine pictures here:

Picasa Web Albums - Ted - Turbine

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