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Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post

Thank you for your recent posts to this thread. I hope others are learning as much from them as I am.

They are well worth any "mandatory donation" required.

Your YouTube video linked above is one of the best I've seen since the films we produced with Eric Dollard in 1988. Thank you for sharing them here.

Thank you Peter,

The video shows some interesting concepts that tend to go unnoticed by the traditional engineering crowd.

While it is known that a Parallel LC (tank) circuit has high impedance, what is not really ever mentioned are the ever important words "with respect to the source". Take for example the secondary tank circuit shown in the video, It is a parallel tank, and to the coil driving it (and the signal generator) it looks of very high impedance. However, if you were to only study this circuit, forgetting the primary and source, you would find that the circuit had close to zero impedance. Within the LC itself, you do not find the high impedance condition, if you did you could not light a bulb in it.

This is interesting, you have high impedance with respect to the source, and low impedance when you change your frame of reference.

I was reading an treatise on physical phenomenon the other day, when in big bold letters I read....

"There is the difficult concept of speeds relative to zero where the quality of zero varies." This was referring to the fundamental movements of the universe.

In the Murray video, Murray describes how he got different measurements on some of his concentric (meaning about a different center) spinning machines depending on where he referenced his readings.

this is something to give deep thought to, and correlates perfectly with this electrical demonstration.

Obviously this is a bit off topic, but eventually you will find.........its all on topic.

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