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Originally Posted by Michael John Nunnerley View Post
Thank you Peter for the encouraging remarks. I was thinking, for this circuit, as a test bed only at the moment, as I posted a little bit before, my concern is the the goal posts move as the heating coil warms up and this is a form of tracking this, all be it very basic.

@Dr. Stiffler

I hope you do not mind me saying this, but I have been playing around in my mind about using your SEC, I think this would be very interesting but I will leave that up to you as I am sure you can see the possibilities more than this novice. If and when we have a good sound working model then the rest would be my forte in heating something other than water and gain real power for your money

@Michael John Nunnerley
I have to admit that before I try here circuit I felt compelled to try one of my higher power Exciters. I have added some of the results to the web page I am using, but all is not on as yet. I have with what I am using obtained 96% +/- 10%, not as good as a plain old resistor heating element so far. But I have seen something I need to follow through on, then I will move onto the original circuit as posted here (or others). I think there may be something to this, but until I can replicate with an assumed margin of error 0f +/-40% I'm not going to get to excited.