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Originally Posted by Peter Lindemann View Post

Yes, your circuit idea should work. There is also the simplest version of the circuit, which is just the Inductive Heating Element in a tank circuit with a corresponding Capacitor, driven by a variable AC sine-wave Power Supply at the natural frequency of the resonant tank. Also, if the components were large enough, the system could be tuned to run at 60hz. Then, there would be no local electronic components at all and the Heater Coil would simply run as an "idling" inductor with a local power factor correcting capacitor.

Thank you Peter for the encouraging remarks. I was thinking, for this circuit, as a test bed only at the moment, as I posted a little bit before, my concern is the the goal posts move as the heating coil warms up and this is a form of tracking this, all be it very basic.

@Dr. Stiffler

I hope you do not mind me saying this, but I have been playing around in my mind about using your SEC, I think this would be very interesting but I will leave that up to you as I am sure you can see the possibilities more than this novice. If and when we have a good sound working model then the rest would be my forte in heating something other than water and gain real power for your money