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@ Armagdn03,

Thanks for the "scratch", that was highly appreciated. Excuse my late reply, my work comes in the way of my hobbies.

All things are still not clear for me but I'm working on it. I have found your posts on the Resonance thread and will devote the time to really get a good understanding.

There is still one thing I'd like to clarify for now; (You can PM me the invoice for the "mandatory donation")
As a particular resonance frequency can be attained with a wide choice of L/R ratios, is there a particular ratio that would theoretically be more hmmm, <efficient>? Or is it just that a particular value of L, or C, is always chosen in relation to what's available, or what's most practical in the circuit being designed ?

And as a way to get unequal times for the fluxing and collapse of the coil, would it be worthwhile to investigate a bifilar coil ??? (transformer)
(Gee, I hope I'm getting this one as a freebee)

Sincere thanks for all the help,


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