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I Do Not Agree

Originally Posted by Michael John Nunnerley View Post
Hi Peter

Thanks for not going for the jugular , I suppose this means that you are more or less with what I said . I am going to try this out as I have other things which I did in the past which would naturally benifit from this. If you want to read my patent on this the number is EP0385700. It is used all over the world, it is probably in your house Well we all have to earn a living

If this does come up to spec: we could make a heat engine which would only need a start up input and after would run on its output with considerable excess energy.

What do you think of the new thread idea? as of yet not started it, waiting for a response. It is to keep construction, tests, problems etc in the threads without all the rubish that clutters like this post I am being serious


I do not agree with your previous post and do not wish to comment on it here. Please feel free to remove all parts of Post #7 that are "off topic" and start a different thread. This thread is about Rosemary Ainslie's astonishing contributions to Science, and related developments.