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COP>20 is a GOAL

Originally Posted by Michael John Nunnerley View Post
The post above I wrote before I read peters post and was posted before I read it. @Peter realy cop 20! I can not wait to build this, if it is true, and with what I know of heat transfer, we could make a fantastic heat engine, and I am not being sarcastic


It sounds like your heat exchangers are fantastic. The idea of a COP>20 is based on being able to "recycle" 95% of the electricity in the circuit. This is feasible when the inductance is constant, which it is in this case, and operating voltages are above 60 volts. Rosemary Ainslie's original circuit produced COP>17 in actual tests. If you haven't already read the documents linked at my site, please do.

In the Electric Motor Secrets thread, I showed how to produce mechanical energy while recycling the electricity. In the thread with Imhotep, we showed how to light fluorescent lights while recycling the electricity. Now, here, I am showing Rosemary Ainslie's method to produce heat while recycling the electricity.

This completes the "GENERAL CASE" of how to use electricity efficiently, first described by Nikola Tesla, and referred to by Gabriel Kron as "shuttle circuits". The real method to produce Heat, Light, and Motive Power, at efficiencies above the supposed limits described by the Laws of Thermodynamics, is now fully in the Public Domain.

God Bless you all!


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