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This Is The Best There Is!

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Hi Hob,

In this particular circuit, the heat amount appears to be absolutely disconnected from the current or voltage so measuring the heat and converting that to an equivalent amount of "electricity" is probably the only honest way to do it.

The "rules" seem to be the same in most "overunity" systems.

In Bedini circuits, the output can't be truly measured but work in the battery on the output can be, etc...

This is just an idea, don't know how it play out but perhaps the heat can heat x volume of water from x degrees to y degrees hot. It is known how much energy in joules must be expended to raise a certain volume of water from one temp to a certain temp. Then a thermometer can just be sitting in the water.
I agree with what you have said, as I am as of yet the holder of the most efficient heat exchanger in the world at low temperatures, and I AM NOT BOASTING, but if anybody can exchange heat of 60 degrees centigrade from one liquid to another at a transfer rate of 97% instantly, let them speek now. All tests are done with accurate flow rate and temperature measurement, there is nothing better, it is very accurate. Joules, degrees centigrade, volume etc. are all fixed measurements which can be formulised to give an exact result and if the result is as positive as stated then it is right without question. I must point out that all must be done under strict laboratory conditions such as external direct heating such as radient or conductive heating are removed. From this the only answer is that energy has came in from an unknown source, and what we need to know is what is this source. I think that Rosemary Ainslie struck upon one of these unexplained energy sources. As can be seen from many claims, not all are true, but a large amount I think are, energy is coming from somewhere, the question is what energy? where from? man made or of another form? lets face it we DO NOT KNOW, but it is there. I do not believe in over unity, the energy COMES FROM SOMEWHERE! The basic law as we call it is that you CAN NOT GET OUT MORE THAN YOU PUT IN, in crude terms, but there is no law that says we can not put in 90% and gain another 90% from another source of which we DO NOT KNOW WHERE THAT SOURCE IS COMING FROM, it is a bit like saying which came first the chicken or the egg, WE REALLY DO NOT KNOW, but some say they know the answer, sorry but I do not know untill somebody can demonstate accuratly that the egg came first. Well I am going on a bit as it is a bit of a bug of mine in fighting the world of science, this is normal between scientists as many will agree. Cop 1 to Cop 17 is one hell of a leap, lets build it, it is very simple if we know the exact experimental set up, and not expensive as 1 to 17 will give a great margin of error on the data collected, I am all for it @Peter I am sure you are going to make a big reply to this, I have left myself open to it, or may be you are going to agree to me, but I am sure not on all points

I am going to take this opportunity to propose as to leave ALL threads free of doubts with different peoples views on all subjects and all threads, a new thread, just to air, all topics what ever, and keep active constructural threads free. This is something that I have been thinking of for some time, lets call it THE AIRING THREAD, for a better name, I will start it now.

Sorry Aaron, I think your number came up in the lottery for me to air an opportunitive bug of mine and I hope you agree with the AIRING THREAD, could be fun, without obstructing the real work