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Hi All,

Ok... First things first. The converter works.

The reason you are reading this and not seeing a video is because after 2 min of running the machine, another coil unspooled itself.

This is the only remaining design problem I am having, so I will bite the bullet and redesign the coil spools so that they can have an aluminium cover slide over the outside of them. This way I figure they will hold up and look a bit better too. For the short term I will simply cover the coils in heat shrink.

Before the coil shat itself, I did manage to get a couple of readings. Just by spinning the shaft with my fingers I can get upto 5V on the output. While the drive motor was running the meter registered 25V on the output. I had just hooked up a battery to charge and saw that it was indeed charging when the coil went.


You can view my vids here

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