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Magnetic Field Model

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

I went ahead and started a thread specific to replication attempts of the circuit:

Thanks for starting the other thread for the discussion of the Electric Heater Experiment by Rosemary. Just for clarity, we can continue to devote this thread to the discussion of Rosemary's Magnetic Field Model, which remains her main interest. The high COP of the Electric Heater Experiment was "predicted" by the Magnetic Field Model, and was produced in an attempt to gather evidence in support of the Model.

Aaron and I are arranging for Rosemary Ainslie to join the forum, so anyone interested in her Magnetic Field Model can address questions to her here.

Anyone interested in the experimental results of the Electric Heater Experiment, my variation on the circuit, replications or further developments, please use the other thread started for that purpose, linked above.