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Rosemary's Work

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to bump this thread up.

Hopefully, Rosemary Ainslie will post more in her blog.

Thanks for re-invigorating this older thread. I was about to start a new thread about Rosemary's work. I have also posted her major contributions to a new page on my site at: Free Energy | Rosemary Ainslie On this page, I have collected her papers and put them all in simple, downloadable PDF files, for ease of handling.

This material clearly shows how to build an electric heating device that produces 17 times more heat than the "equivalent" amount of electricity. It accomplishes this by using a resistive heating element that also has inductive properties, and by "recycling" the energy of the inductive collapse.

Rosemary's original test circuit is shown in the article she tried to have published in a "refereed" scientific journal, but the submission was always rejected. In the last 5 months, I have had extensive email correspondence, and numerous telephone conversations with Rosemary, who lives in South Africa. After studying her work, I was absolutely thrilled with her discovery of the super-efficient heating effect. In mid-February of this year, I proposed to her an "idealized" schematic of her DC resonance circuit to produce the effects she had discovered. That circuit diagram is here:

Based on the circuits and work done in the Electric Motor Secrets thread, this circuit should be easy enough to understand.

For those that do not understand it, I will describe its function in a later post.

There are broad implications connected with the proper understanding of the functions of this circuit. We all owe Rosemary Ainslie a deep debt of gratitude, both for her discoveries, and for her willingness to publish her results for the betterment of Science and the human condition.


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