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Thank you for updating us on your success !!!! I love reading about others success because it keeps me going. Since being on my new 4 modules, Ive been extremely irritable, snapping at everyone, and very skeptical towards paths...although I wont give up, because stories like these keep me going.

I was wondering, whenever you get the free time, would you pretty please post all of your success stories with all modules in all details for us to read?

Im currently on trauma free, succ.liv1, increased business prod,mindset for money. I am trying to make my business a sucess....financially...because I am soooo broke. I pm Grace about my goal, and she kindly tested 3 modules strong for me which is Mood elevation, positive attitude, and energy mastermind, and was wondering, since Grace has helped you before, if these 3 modules tested means it will help me in my business/finance goals.
Thanks RIN!!!!

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