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Originally Posted by dambit View Post
The way JB has them setup in the vid is a lot better than the patent. Very simple.

My only question is, do the coils have to be wound in a certain direction for each polarity? I guess I'll have my answer when I go to turn it on. Knowing my luck they will all be backwards or something.

MIT probably did develop them and then sold them off. Who knows, they probably run the place with them.


direction of coil wind makes no difference if you are doing a single strand on a single coil. but it does matter if you are going multi stand and multi coil you have to make sure that you have the right ends tied together just like any other generator. If you have just the two coil model that is spinning the magnets instead of spinning the coils you can use two double pole double throw switches to switch from voltage and amperage and ac and dc output.

Im hoping to build a smaller one myself that will fit inside one of those cd holders. i have the motor for it already. just have to get the generator part made. mounting to the stainless shaft is the hardest part that I have run into so far.
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