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Bumping this thread. Also. . . .

The amount of aminos someone needs on PATHS varies from person to person. It depends on other factors in their diet, etc.

Recommendations are given but most import is to experiment yourself for any aminos you use.

There is a difference between lack of aminos and other changes due to PATHS.

Lack of aminos while using PATHS will result in feeling groggy. (This can also happen if you are not getting enough water and/or sleep on PATHS.)

Other changes from PATHS, not caused by a lack of the above, could be 1) cognitive dissonance or 2) PATHS taking effect level by level.

1) Cog dis is when your mind is processing conflicting beliefs such as "I hate my hair" and "I am beautiful." I experience this as being a little spaced out, but it's a different feeling than groggy. Groggy is when I feel like I just woke up but can't wake up all the way. Spaced out is when I could be alert but my mind seems to be processing a lot unconsciously, I'm just not having much conscious thought but it seems like a lot is going on up there.

2) PATHS will start to work and once it has resolved surface issues, it will move to deeper ones. You see it working and then as it goes deeper you wonder why you seem to be having less effect. Then over time you see that it is facing and improving deeper issues.

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