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Last week I was at the surplus store and I bought some N35 Neodymium button magnets to try the water softening. Today I mount them on the copper pipes in my bathroom and took samples of the water before and after.

I did not want to do the taste test myself as I was preconditioned to the ideas about magnets, so I had my girlfriend perform the test.

I gave her to taste the "after" water first and she liked it better than the "before" one, even though I did not tell her which one is which one. She even said she would drink the "after" water if she had to (we generally don't drink our tap water at all).

Next test was with the dish washing liquid, which appeared to dissolve much readily in the "after" water with less foaming and much clearer, larger bubbles than the "before" water that had thick white foam and lots of tiny bubbles.

We'll see tonight when we take the showers how the water feels on the skin for each of us. So far I am enthusiastic about the whole prospect of having such a simple yet effective solution.
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