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Interesting, I just learning what water softening is. It is interesting how a magnet can change the property of water. If magnet purposes is to attact / repel something inside water. I think it is more effective to make a water splitter, where magnetic content is directed to different output.

If magnet purposes is to change the property of water it self, it may be better to flow the water around more in magnetic flux.

But, I think magnetic can also be replaced with physical process too, involving water self spinning.

Johansson Et Al - Self-Organizing Flow Technology - In Viktor Schauberger's Footsteps (2002)
At an experiment at Paltrask water supply in 1990, Aquagyro discovered that their agitator seemed to facilitate precipitation of iron and manganese ions [7]. An hyperbolic vessel of the height of about 1m, with an Aquagyro stirring device inside, had been placed in a tank with the volume of 3m3. During the treatment precipitated iron could be observed in the tank. At the following filtration of the water in a gravel filter, manganese ions precipitated to a large extent, which the traditional treatment (with compressed air) didn't achieve. The iron concentration of the treated water at analysis was found to be the same as that of untreated water, but iron in the sample didn't precipitate when subjected to pressure airing, which was considered remarkable. The humus concentration of the water was high, and it was speculated that iron could have become organically bound.
At an earlier experiment at Nordmaling in 1987, a decrease of Mn and NO2 ions had been observed. An experiment at Vistbacken water supply, with its extremely high concentration of iron in the water, had shown an efficient precipitation of iron by the process (more efficient than the traditional pressure airing, as opposed to the results from the experiments at Paltrask) and also a decrease of the manganese concentration [7].
@Amigo, egg shaped container mentioned again .
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