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Originally Posted by theremart View Post
Ok, I did not know that is how you were looking at your spikes on the scope.... ( with the charging battery removed )

So that is why you are getting such large spikes. On the videos I see Bedini looking at his spikes hooked up to the battery, but then again he might be having caps in his setup....

I was on another board the other day, and they said something that made alot of sense to me, you can tell how sulfated a battery is by looking at the spike when it gets to the battery. On this board they made desulfators. One thing of great interest to me is they tuned the desulfator to the frequency of the sulfur. This just made tons of sense to me as to why it would be more effective to break up sulfur at its resonant freq.

Yes, the battery size is critical. They are totally different animals each type of battery, react so differently to the energizers.

Hi Mart,

How did they tune the charger to the sulphate? Interesting idea.

It is easy to guage the level of sulphation when you hook up a sulphated battery to a bedini charger. The voltage instantly goes way over the the rated level (ie. 12V would go up to around 24V), but then it will slowly fall to normal levels. Sometimes the sulphation will be so bad that all my neons light up. It's as if there is no battery on there at all. (these are the ones to toss as they will not be worth the effort)

As far as looking at the spikes on a scope, I think Bedini see more because of his scope. It's 200MHz compared to the average 20MHz.


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