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Originally Posted by gyula View Post
Hi Doc,

Would you mind sharing your thoughts on your question you kindly asked here:
Aromaz Radiant Energy Joint Research Group

Some answers have been given and I for one am curious to learn your views.

Thanks, Gyula
I will prepare off line a more complete answer, but in short (in my opinion) there is only a finite amount of energy in the universe and this Base Energy (Energy Lattice) can vibrate at different frequencies which result in various forms of observed and non-observed forms or manifestations of the Base Energy. In other words the base energy appears in various forms of potential energy, but all forms summed equal the base.

In Spatial Energy Coherence a form manifests from the base lattice and could take the form of heat, electricity (conventional form) or time frame distortion by an extreme vibration of the localized area of the lattice.

No free lunch, no OU, only conversions of form. But of course the trick is to convert a form that can be magically utilized.

Like I said I will try to better explain latter.
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