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Originally Posted by amigo View Post
Bwahah what's with all these home improvements all of a sudden for everyone, is it a season or something?
Haha yeah, its springtime in New England and the weather is finally turning nice so stuff needs to get done around the house.

Anyways, things keep getting more weird, I thought my other DMM and Analog meter were broken or not working right with the SEC, but I checked it with a 3rd meter today and I am getting same results.

Normal operation looks like this when I have a neon and FL going.

35mA draw when things are going normal.

Things got a little weird and my meter started running in reverse 2 nights ago. Happened last night too but I thought it was a backspike when I disconnected something.

Just checked again and I replicated whatever I did.

No the meter isn't hooked up backwards.

Tends to float between -1 and -5mA. I'm going to check the batteries in an hour and see what they measure at. Started at 24.7

Its hard to explain how I got it to do that, the FL is just barely touching the leg of the neon that is connected to the SEC output. By barely touching I mean infinitesimally small spark gap is what I am guessing.
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