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Originally Posted by amigo View Post

That's pretty cool, with another coil hooked to the floating end of the FL producing more light. Is that coil the same impedance as the L3?

I am puzzled a bit by that resistor on your board, is that a 1Mohm, because that green ring looks grayish to me, hehe? Though gray would make it a 1Gohm which is rather inconcivable...

I am in the theoretical mode right now, looking into magnetic flux resonance (whatever that is) and waiting for the Doc to come back to us with more stuff...
The one connected to the FL floating is roughly the same impedance/inductance.

Yeah its a 1Mohm resistor, flash must have washed out the green.

I'm sort of in a holding pattern working with whats been done already. Sgate has me stumped as I can't get it to run at anything less than 40mA to get light like the doc.
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