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High Voltage from Thin Air?

Hi All

Ive been working on this for some time,
I have a sg Imohtep Light with real big gavanised rods Not connected to ground.I could run the lights good, but if i added the rods the amp go down the the lights go up!
I also added a funny diode setup to ground and i filled up caps, It was cool !!!

The thing is tesla had it!!

Harmonic energy exchange device invention

radiant energy collecter.
with Making a free energy Electret
around the sphere!
A very good example of Primary Phyics StressField Tuning2,
with the two stresses,
I call it PPSFT2 for sort!
Look at it like this!
the stress around the metal Electretsphere is HV
The stuff hitting the earth which is a sphere Is HV. You match the two stressfields and they become one
you create the same enviroment in two places at the same freq.
Like when your on the same freq. as someone else, your almost like one voice!
Take Care
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