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After a week or so of playing around with my plug-in board I put together, I had a good idea of what values I needed to get it going.

I threw together a quick demo board to take to work with me to show some guys there. Left out the filtration on the PSU side since I was running it off a 12v SLA.

I was feeling sort of limited by the small tunable coil forms so I put one together out of a Bic pen and a 100uh choke I got from radio shack that I stripped the wire off of just for the ferrite. slides in and out smooth after a little sand paper. Green stuff on the bottom of L2 is just some modelling clay to help it stick to the board.

Just more playing around but I did find something interesting. I must have got the coils oscillating just right cause I could take the ferrite slug completely out of the equation once it was going.

Even more weird was I connected another choke to the end of the FL attached to nothing and it got brighter. The little neon is connected to ground on one leg.

Running around 13 mA with coil attached to FL. Reads next to nothing with no coil.

I tend to keep the probe near L2 since thats where the magic happens. Feels like L1 and Lb set up the oscillation and its the L2 resonance that gets things going.

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