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Choppers: From the days of "Easy Rider" hehehe

Great find, and fascinating theory.

But regarding the actual device, i am not understanding something.. Was one ever actually built? Or did she only Patent the circuit design (..just to get it into the public domain eventually when it expires as she said). On her blog she says she will not discuss the device, only the theory.

And it was fun to see the word "chopper" again in regards to electronics, lol. 28 years ago when i first was employed in electronics, some of the stuff that was already 15 years old then, that we still worked on, had choppers in them.

Like any mechanical oscillator or switching device such as relays, as all you techs out there know, they are the very first things to check because they go bad so often

As i recall choppers are not easy to get anymore. A couple years ago i was consulted for help re-building one of these 45 year-old "Brush Mark Two" oscillographic 8-channel chart recorders that NASA used to record telemetry from the Mercury and Gemini launches (lol a 200 pound ink-slinging monster, but state of the art in the early 60's).. We could still get the tubes used in them but not the choppers... And so we had to "cheat" to get it running again ( substituting the "next generation", but still 35 year-old, design using first-generation discrete transistors.. Which were bad enough since their Beta's had to be matched by hand lol).

So it's interesting to see a circuit using choppers again.. But i cannot agree with the practicality