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Hi Doc,

Welcome back, quite a handyman you are, especially when the "higher power" sets out a plan for you to work on. Hopefully you just buy a new dining room table and not go fabricating one or we'll lose you for another week or so. :lol:

I am trying to understand the purpose of the gate in the bigger picture, so pardon me for saying this (if I sound like a heretic) but what's the big deal? I mean is the gate really needed, as it appears to me that it just acts as a tuned capacitance?

In the previous step of the project, a beaker with aluminium foil was there instead of the gate. I recall that the beaker and the carbon rod made it look like a Leyden Jar to me at the first glance.

After reading a book this weekend, the author presented a notion in some paragraphs that there is quite a few (more than enough to last for the duration of the human race) of electrons in the ground and in the air, just waiting to be tapped at.

And so we come to the ground connection on the current experiment, as it seems to play a major importance in the bigger picture. But whether it's the ground or the aerial connection it should not matter, since ground is not always available (if you are in the air for example).

Am I thinking in the "right" direction here or is this something beyond the scope of what we are looking for, or altogether non-sense?
Are the ravings of a lunatic signs of a genius?
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