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Originally Posted by Mutten View Post
Played around with large L2s and charging batteries last night and today. No reason other than those nicely wound coils look so pretty~

Rectifier made from 1n4001's

No results were recorded other than from memory, just wanted to see if it would do it.

First L2 measures in at 114uH.

Scope shot

Held 5.80 volts on the charging battery overnight. Batteries started at 4.92 and hit a wall around 5.27 and wouldn't go any higher. Drawing around 30 mA.

Switched to larger core today, measures in at 162 uH. Discharged the batteries on my LaCross battery charger back down to 4.92 and started again. Started off at 6.05v on the charge batteries and slowly dropped back down to 5.80 +/-2. Batteries hit a wall around 5.31v and wouldn't go any further. Also using more than twice the power at 77 mA.

Scope shot seems more spiky.

L1 was a measly 1.5uh and L3 adjustable around 4uH (guesstimate)

Like Freezer said, I'm probably working in the wrong direction.

(also tried that pseudo Tesla coil setup with similar results)
@Mutten & All

I don' think there is a wrong direction! The more one can learn from these circuit configurations the better for all, although if we start getting to far into Tesla I might revolt a bit. If you don't know what I mean look at page (1) where I express my look upon Tesla and his work.

The lights are important and allow a feel of the field and how the charge in the tubes react around an Exciter.

Charging batteries I think for the time being is a wrong direction, not that it may not work, but many have spent hundreds of hours here and nothing worth saying yes this is a very real possibility. The different battery compositions all react different, for awhile (many hours) I thought it was the best direction for energy recovery, but I no longer believe this.

The Spatial Light is a highly efficient system that will have many applications and will be a commercial product (someday), yet this is a low energy system and not what I want.

Energy recovery is of primary importance here ans we need to ignore input/output to start with and only focus on pulling useful energy from a configuration, once this is done we then fine tune it and compare input/output.

I welcome input on the Gate versus Wire Coils for the output? I think the Gate may hold more potential, but I may indeed be wrong, so I need some input from those that are working with both so we can set a direction. I do not think pursuit of both at the same time is fruitful?

I will post a picture later today on a Gate driving a strobe, nothing all that new, except its from a gate system and not a wire wound L3.

More as I get back to speed.

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