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Originally Posted by amigo View Post
Is that over 100mA? Because you will fry your transistor at that rate...but never the less it looks impressive.

Otherwise, I think we should really stick with original replication at this point before going off on tangents. Just wondering where's doc, hasn't posted here in a while...
Well I'm back today, fringe science had to wait to a higher calling, my wife had me lay laminate flooring in the formal dinning room. Long hard project, pull old carped and pad, float concrete floor, sand and paint base board, install under layment, install laminate, install quarter round molding, install T molding and at last die. Fingers were hit and pinched so many times I can barely turn test equipment knobs.

It will be another day or two before I get back into the swing of things and continue this area of the work, need some slow easy body recovery.

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