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A brief introduction

The inventor: Georges Lakhovsky

M. Georges Lakhovsky, (born in September 17 of 1870 in Russia) was a scientist, inventor, engineer and author. He is the inventor of the Multiwave Oscillator.

He published some books. In those books he proved that disease or health is a condition of the cellular resonance and the disease is a battle of radiations between the pathogen and the healthy cells. A sick person emits different radiations from his body. Those different radiations are a consecuence of a de-syntonization of the natural cell frequency, due to some factors like external radiations, nutrition, etc... He proved that we can mymic the natural cell radiations and restore the health if we emit that radiations following a pattern.

Each cell of the body, when is irradiated with its natural frequency, recognizes it and starts to resonate again at its natural vibration and health is possible. He thought that the best option to restore the health is to emit the highest amount of waves to restore all the body problems. The result was the MWO, a machine that can irradiate a lot of frequencies and, in theory, restore health.

He started his research in france, and he proved his theory in plants and then in humans, getting awesome results. He was awarded by Hitler in 1939 for the big research he done and Lakhovsky received a medal of honor. He was anti nazi and he go to New York, where he died in 1942. Before his dead, he followed a 7 week test in NY city and he got again awesome results. After his death, the hospitals told to the patients that the treatment was not avaiable and the device and theory were suppresed, maybe for some economical interests. In 1963 Robert Beck found a MWO in a hospital in California and we know it thanks to Bob Beck.

I have read one book, and I saw some impressive pictures of the awesome effects of the treatment.

All info is welcome.
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