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+Temperature +Moisture +Air =Climate Engine Wow 2003! Moon Gold Rush of 2009!

A new thread caught my eye a few days ago => Fuel-less combustion of AIR !!! and it tells of a "new" engine that runs on air. It caught my eye because it also pulled in Moisture and Differences in temperature. An admission of difficulty is stated there in the following posts because anywhere a car/truck runs the moisture and temperature are fluctuating constantly, so the engine is an admitted failure til it jams in quite a lot of moisture & temperature control paraphenalia. My engine has all that included in the inner workings as it is a 100% closed system => Air Powered Car: Reversed Steam (Vacuum) Power~Collapsed by Minus-320 Cold Air = Instant Explosion Dual Synergy Creation-Time Engine of 2003 17 Billion Years Old .

The one mentioned
is a Temperature Engine + also a Moisture Engine, not just an Air-Powered Engine.
Enginewow I designed in 2003 and called it a Climate Engine.
(long link above)

I made post #9 => after which a silly furor resulted, not over anything I posted but of all things Website Design and specifically a legal Meta Tag I used that is commonly used all over the Internet to refresh the page. This was nothing more than a diversionary tactic to keep people from reading my short post because I had used several new Energy terms the other posters must apparently not want people to start using =>

1. Imitation Energy
2. Physics Fuel

A few YADA YADAS later I revealed a tactical maneuver I had used with the mighty CHEVRON OIL COMPANY which I happen to be right proud of, that last year I had contacted their crude oil headquarters and offered them much of my insights and information Chevron (and other oil companies also) could use to help them transition away from Crude Oil Money over to using my Physics Fuel engine systems without watching their hard-earned fortunes go belly up in the Pacific Ocean.

They have not taken me up on my offer as yet but the offer stands. It isn't my job to destroy people's lives and incomes but to do as the Bible writer instructed to have kindness and compassion towards all men and their families. That includes not destroying their retirement incomes or burning down their family crests and fortunes. The Bible book of Revelation clearly assigns any such destruction to Jesus Christ at a later date that John called Armageddon. It is not my job to do.

At the present time in world history it is said the value of the World Economy has dropped 45% and is still falling. In previous posts in this thread I've mentioned many of my other engine systems besides the Gravity Wheel... so while monetary wealth is dropping I would suggest we keep in mind that with my engines and others too, we now have an increased value that dwarfs mere money. This will become more clear in the next few years. What you have lost in 401k plans, stocks, bonds, Home Re-Sale Values that have plummeted... none of these losses begins to touch the gains I have made in my Energy discoveries.

For instance: just a few months ago I wrote a pdf file. Here's the shortcut to it => In those two short pages I reveal how to set up a Moon-Based Solar Energy bounce to Earth that will bathe this planet in more raw Energy than it could ever use including an East-West North American suspended monorail system (on Page #2).... so now we find out the Russians, the Chinese, the Australians and the Japanese and Indians are all into developing advanced Space programs to reach the moon?

Now you know WHY.
The 2009 Moon Gold Rush is ON.
CloudSeeder has caused it to rain energy
from Earth's Moon.

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