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Originally Posted by DrStiffler View Post

Hey don't feel bad, should have seem some of the very first Exciters, wonder I got anything to work with the plug boards and long wires. Looks good!

But, what are you doing with the 6x diodes on the power rails, looks like three per side? You know you are dropping ~2.1V thru three of them and the total would be~4.2. Maybe you have a reason?

Yeah kinda overkill with the diodes but I was having problems at 24v dc with 2 12v SLA batteries. Transistors were going up in smoke while trying to tune. 20v seems to be safer so I figured I'd just build it in to the filter. Also wanted to protect from any spikes I might get later when I have a bench PSU.

Was partially going from memory when putting it together. I think I interpreted some of your pictures wrong, and looking at the diagrams it should have been chokes.

Oh well its all a learning experience.
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