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@Freezer, Some nice ideas you have there. I like that setup. I'll have to try it later.

@All, Spent the last couple days planning and putting together a SEC15-3 on a circuit board.

I never got to order one of the orignal PCBs Dr Stiffler was putting together, so I'm trying my best to get away with something simple.

Board is completely socketed for the most part except for the filter. Used a 555 socket for the output after L2, only the bottom half of it is used as a bus bar. other half I haven't decided what to do with it yet, thinking about 2 sockets to ground and 2 to earth ground.Also installed a couple sockets so I could place a diode from + to L1 if needed. Right now its bypassed.

Using Batteries to drive this at the moment, but I'll be picking up a bench power supply eventually and wanted to make this future proof and easy to swap parts. Please forgive my novice attempt at soldering~

Still in tuning stage but I am getting closer.

Waveform I get when looped back probe is close to the FL.
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