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Originally Posted by amigo View Post
I'm still nowhere...I had great success the first day while the past two days have been spent troubleshooting a new setup which does not work the way it should.

I'll spend the rest of the evening trying to get it going again, it is really not clear to me what has happened in the mean time except that it's a different day.
I'd say back up a step and check to see if you can get the beaker of water and FLs working again. Tune it without Sgate then stick it in the middle and retune.

Are you still using the circuit attached to the sgate ?

I just fiddled around with mine for a few minutes and can keep a 4w FL barely lit at around 2 mA. Was playing around with 2 tubes earlier bouncing the charge around, its really weird. Doc said you can almost pick up a charge and carry it in one of his videos if I remember correctly. I think this is what I was getting.
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