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Originally Posted by DrStiffler View Post
Ha! We all have our demons, just thought yours should be kinder.

I cut the plastic spacers from 1/2"PVC 73' (low cost) water pipe. The OD is ~3/4". Might have to use a rat tail file to get the tube to slip freely, I just stick them in the lathe and cut a few thousands out of the center, makes a snug fit.

Well I think the difference can be resolved
I have built a new gate, as per the sgate page measurements, and my capacitance is now ~14pF for both Collector-middle and Ground-middle.

Having said that, I can't get it to work for the love of me. Tried both with my contraption circuit (FZTA06) and the original Cool White (that worked 100% verified).

I get intermittent results at best and no matter of my L1C1, I can't get that specific waveform on the analyzer that I used to when I originally made the replication with my first gate.

It also turns out that the DMM is skewing my results. When I have the DMM hooked-up in series to measure current from the supply then I get some kind of result - I can occasionally light the fluorescent but not the neon?!

When I unplug the DMM and go direct then, nada, zippo, zero, zlitch. Just the standard UBO spectrum but I can't find the sweet spot to light the neon. I even used L1 from 0.3uH all the way to 7uH (I have built several of different values) and nothing.

I feel as if someone put some jamming field over my room blocking this from working. Damn it, my gate was supposed to be the jammer, not the other way around...

But, tomorrow is another day, something ought to give.
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