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Originally Posted by amigo View Post
Yeah, but look who's talking, I just saw you updated the Spatial Gate page.

I guess it's back to the drawing board for me. I see you used the 3/4" copper forward thinking made me buy them yesterday when I was at Home Depot so I should be able to remake the gate quickly.

Those plastic spacers, where do they come from, perhaps they play some bigger role in the gate's capacitance?
Ha! We all have our demons, just thought yours should be kinder.

I cut the plastic spacers from 1/2"PVC 73' (low cost) water pipe. The OD is ~3/4". Might have to use a rat tail file to get the tube to slip freely, I just stick them in the lathe and cut a few thousands out of the center, makes a snug fit.

Well I think the difference can be resolved
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