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Originally Posted by DrStiffler View Post
WOW! What a way to spend your Sunday?

Well its tuning, tuning, tuning.

My collector cylinder to ground cylinder capacity is so small it can not be measured with my meters. My Collector Cylinder to center (common) cylinder is 15.5pF as is the Ground cylinder to center (common) cylinder.

My current is <10mA and the transistor runs at ambient. I have included a picture of it running.

Yeah, but look who's talking, I just saw you updated the Spatial Gate page.

I guess it's back to the drawing board for me. I see you used the 3/4" copper forward thinking made me buy them yesterday when I was at Home Depot so I should be able to remake the gate quickly.

Those plastic spacers, where do they come from, perhaps they play some bigger role in the gate's capacitance?
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