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Originally Posted by amigo View Post

My shipment from Jameco did not come with Fairchild.

Instead they are some brand KSMPSA06 or something and the hFE is <100 for several I tried. Even though the "current" datasheet on the item page specified Fairchild, they sent me this other brand, sigh.

The NewArk ON MPSA06 are pretty cool, you will be pleased with them. I find them more powerful than Fairchild ones.

I'll get some ON from Digi-Key when I make a next order soon.
@amigo & @ Mutten

A couple of things that I have not placed on the web pge yet, that should help.

1) Except for L1 all coils should be air core. Ferrite will act as a resistance and eat your expected product, unless you want to go all for heat. Remember the SEC15-3/20's how the chokes 10&22uH got hot, whell this is why and why not to use for the max efficiency.

2) The best dielectric (excepting some gasses) is air for the space between the outer and inner cylinders. In the case of Mutten I think I see electrical tape as the centering media, for amigo the plastic pipe. Amigo I would cut 2 1/4" rings for each end of the outer cylinders and leave the insides free space.

3) All. Please stay away from inductive loads (amigo the wire would resistor you are using) will cause a problem and I see that in your SA pictures. Use composition carbon or layered ceramic. Laser trimmed resistors also present a small L.

I will have later today on the web page some addition help and specifications and they will be easy to integrate into your existing circuits.

Sorry for my slowness but the 'Spatial Light' is taking more engineering than I thought it would and my mechanical engineering skills are not as good as I would like.

BTW At your local Craft Supply store you can get copper tape. The tape bonds well to the cylinders and solders fast with even a small iron. This will be needed when you move connections about on the cylinders unless you use a heavy iron or torch.

Its called 'Copper Foil Tape' 3/16" X 36 yds and is 0.00125", by Crafts Etc. May cost a bit but will last the average researcher a few years or more.

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