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More on a new principle

Link; Are you a critical thinker?

I came across this article this morning which seems to sum up the great problem in uncovering any new principle. Great thinkers of the past had vision too. The author of the article gives a short list of great “critical” thinkers, in her view. For our purposes though, I believe our list to be vastly different. If we are to move forward on the subject of free energy then we must think things differently.

To my mind, I believe it is the difference between Tesla and Edison. Edison was a trial and error man while Tesla thought things out completely. Edison would do a hundred experiments to find out what wouldn’t work. Tesla thought through an experiment to discover what would work. Edison tried and Tesla did. That is just an example of MY WAY OF THINKING.

Now we come to Bessler. I believe Bessler was also a critical thinker. I am studying his book, “Machinen Tractate,” which should be studied as a textbook and not just read as a novel is. I’m discovering that some of the terms and examples he used had two or even three meanings and intents. For example, his advice to “put the horse before the cart” is such a common phrase we normally take it at face value to do things in proper order.

But suppose he had another meaning in mind? Suppose he wanted to direct our attention to NOT place parts in the order we think most likely? Suppose he wanted to convey the idea that we should not try to pull the parts but to push them? After all, a horse does not pull a cart but pushes it! I believe this is how he allows the phenomenon to happen in his device.

Many times I have jumped to certain conclusions while attempting this project only to find out that the assumption was all wrong and something else quite different was meant and then realize that I was partially right in the first place, but only partially right.

This is my view of things concerning Bessler.

Men had been depending for too long on the authority of the great minds of the past and that they should rely more on their own resources in obtaining knowledge.
Francis Bacon
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