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Bessler Wheel

I think it a good idea to start posting my findings here instead of the ďmechanical motorĒ thread. The more I work on Bessler the more I realize that there is something not ordinary here. It may be a new principle.

Iíve had to eat a lot of crow with this thing. And what is worse, Iíve had to eat crow because I ate crow! There is so much to learn here with this wheel. For example, it is MY belief that Bessler didnít use round axles. I found evidence where he actually used six-sided shafts for his axles to cut down on friction. That is amazing!

I also believe that if Bessler had gotten his way and got funded to start a school on mechanics, as he called it, the industrial revolution would have started a hundred years earlier.

Anyway, to kind of bring you all up to date here is a short video, really short. I wasnít going to release it because there are errors in the wheel as shown. I just discovered the proper way to make the lattice so it would work. In the video there are seventy-two parts to the wheel. I have since cut that number down by half! It is one awakening right after the other building this thing and then rebuilding it.

Link; BesslerPrimarya.flv video by mrbreau - Photobucket

Be aware that Iím not nearly done with this thing yet.

Also be aware that this video will be taken down in three days, March 12th.


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