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Gravity Wheel on Fire ~ Golden Ratio in Motion ~ Circular Escalator March 6 2009

Gravity Wheel on Fire
Golden Ratio Circular Escalator
in Motion now Departing on Track #2012

1. Gasoline is a fluid that moves when lit.
2. To use its power an engine had to be wrapped around it.
3. Gravity is a fluid that is already lit for us.
4. We just haven't wrapped an engine around it yet.

Not shown in the simple animation is that the rim of the Gravity Wheel is heavy enough to carry the momentum, enough to spin a sprocket-connected generator, none of which is shown. Also not shown is the other side of the "chute" that keeps the slingshot-accelerated ball on course to strike the "hammer", which I call a "smack plate"... so the device is unable to speed away from the balls.

The smack plate~hammer is hinged and should be curved toward the end too but I left it flat since it is after all a very preliminary drawing. The spring behind the plate could have been a bit higher but I put it where it would show up better. After striking due to the action-reaction principle the ball is bounced back into the curve, bounced to throw it into the slingshot not just passively rolling (meandering)... so that the ball flips into a downward power plummet.

That's about it but if you look real close you will see a lip at the end of the first curve. That little lip has an important job. Let's say you stopped it from spinning, so when you push it off again with your hand that lip holds the ball from dropping toward the slingshot til after it reaches enough height.

Four gif files makes up the animation. They are
each @19k and the animation itself is only 69k:





I decided to stick with this Mechanical Engine topic because I like it here. All the links to Johann Bessler and John Collins are in the previous posts... and I wanted to EMPHASIZE that all I am doing is done. It will take a lot other dedicated people with years of Math and Calculus and orbital slingshot knowledge to make this Gravity Wheel a reality. Dedicated people like were here before I got here.

It's out of my hands now. Your turn.

Woodrow CloudSeeder Riley, March 06 2009


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