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Originally Posted by Bodkins View Post
YouTube - Primary Phyics part 2

once all the video are up i will put all the link i cant

this is what i have at hand

Chalice Well - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I know it's HARD man.
it's so unlike what we have been told .. the old thought patterns.
when you have that "FEELING" and you see .. there it is, here it is again.
but the ease of expression, what it is hasn't had time to sink in in
a way that makes it easy to speak about...

That's why I embarked upon this fact finding quest .. to find examples
where PP could explain a why and relationships to bridge the gap between PP and what we have been told.

I can relate, I'd would not be able to explain PP yet.
.. you have a better feel for PP than I do at this point.

It's like this, By some definitions of "word", the number of Eskimo words for
snow is approximately as large as the number of English sentences that can contain the word "snow".
It's like an Eskimo trying to speak about snow (PP) using the English language.

It's like a greased pig for me, I see it, I touch it, getting a grip on it is my problem. Each time I start to feel like I'm getting a hold on it, it slips away.

I need to get back to reading PP again.

I had just put down a post I'm working upon that involves King Arthur and the
Holy Grail. So you can imagine how your link kinda blew me away ..
Remember to be kind to your mind ...
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