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@jetijs, the scope shot help me learn the importance of the core, thanks .

@Aaron, thanks for much info.

Do anyone try this yet, posted by Aromaz on Aromaz thread:
How It Works
"What i came up with was a coil pack that when pulsing the coil it pushed the magnetic feild off the coil pack then as the wave from the pulse stoped we could collect the back energy from that same wire and use it to power a battery.
What i found was that a wave to pulse into the coil is not a normal wave. The wave we use helps us getmore power back out of out coil setup. the power going into the coil pack is between 1000 - 2000 Hz. Most people when they build my style of unit use a regular wave form and try to remove the power and that is the problem."

Do coil with opposing permanent magnet core have more spike? What kind of pulse is that?
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