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Gravity being a spoil brat .. misbehaving

Bodkins, Please post link to what you were reading, "radiowaves at right angles",

Ref Link
first detected in 1980, but reported in Sept. 24, 1998 after detailed analysis of
the Doppler shifted radio data from the spacecraft [6]:the probe is moving as if
it were subject to a ”new, unknown force” pointing towards the Sun. The same
constant acceleration imparted by this force has been detected in 2 more spacecraft:
Pioneer 11 (launched in 1973) and Ulysses (launched in 1990). All probes
are following trajectories that cannot be explained by conventional physics: based on General
Relativity computations of their trajectories under the gravitational pull of the known bodies
in the solar system (the Sun playing the major role), they are not in the position where they
should be (the discrepancy amounts to approx. 248,500 miles (∼ 400, 000 km), almost the Earth-
Moon distance).
Before and after the 1954 and 1959 (partial) solar
eclipses the plane of oscillation of a FP and of a ”paraconical” pendulum (one which is suspended
via a small steel ball bearing, which is capable of rolling in all directions upon a plane horizontal
surface) experienced normal constant clockwise rotation, with an average angular velocity of 0.19
degrees per minute
. But at the begining of the eclipse the angular velocity of the oscillation plane
changed abruptedly an average of 13.5 degrees per minute, counterclockwise! (fig.1, a). This
huge sudden change in the sense and in the rotation of the oscillation plane persisted throughout
the length (2.5 hours) of the eclipse.
Wrap your brain around this one.
c = "speed" of light = 186,000 miles / second
Constant = whatever speed of the observer
Space and time are NOT constant ..
but vary with the speed of the observer.

observer velocity = 0% c light = 186,000 miles / 1 second
observer velocity = 87% c light = 93,000 miles / 0.5 second or 186,000 / sec
observer velocity = 99.5% c light = 18,600 miles / 0.1 second or 186,000 / sec
observer velocity = 100% c light = 0 speed 0 time

Light/photons from it's perspective (it's the observer)
does not experience speed or time or have mass
There is NO traveling from point A to point B .. it doesn't MOVE.

Pretty COOL .....
Ref Video Reality Emerges from Consciousness

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